Traveling as his father and grandfather did before him, secretly and in an armored train, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made a surprise visit to China on March 26, the first time he has met with another head of state since taking office in 2011
The United Kingdom has been dealing with a credible threat of terrorism—along with infrequent but serious attacks—that might not be fully appreciated in the United States, where the fear of terrorism far exceeds the threat
The war between Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed coalition in Yemen marked its 3rd year on March 22. It is difficult to overstate the scale of human suffering of the Yemeni people
On March 26, the United States announced it was expelling 60 Russian diplomats, assessing most as intelligence officers...
The approximately 35,000 employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have enormous responsibilities, ranging from counterterrorism to counterintelligence, as well as working on more ‘traditional crime’ such as bank robbery, kidnapping, and financial fraud.