Throughout Southeast Asia, entrenched rivalries, repeated splintering of terrorist organizations, and infighting between factions of jihadi groups have limited their reach in the recent past
Earlier this month, China tested the ‘Guam Killer,’ an intermediate-range ballistic missile with the capability to strike U.S. bases and vessels in the Pacific, immediately spurring debates about the potential for a Sino-American military showdown.
A series of actions undertaken by terrorists to target the international community have occurred in Burkina Faso over recent weeks, including the kidnapping of two international aid workers in December and a Canadian mining worker who was later found dead
In familiar echoes of decades past, Russia and the U.S. are once again accusing each other of supporting illegitimate dictatorships and plotting regime change in Latin America.
Despite recent statements by U.S. President Donald Trump, no serious terrorism experts believe that the so-called Islamic State has been defeated