After three weeks of protests following the contested results of a presidential election deemed by the Organization of American States (OAS) to have suffered from ‘clear manipulation,’
In the current era of geopolitics, where data is sometimes more valuable than currency, governments and corporations are targeting employees of social media companies for access to the private information of customers and users
Last week 15 people were killed and others wounded in an insurgent attack on a checkpoint in southern Thailand, home to a long-simmering low-intensity conflict in the country’s historically violence-plagued Yala province
Iraqi security forces have continued to open fire on protesters with live ammunition, rubber bullets and cannisters of tear gas in a brutal display of excessive force
In a three-part expose on the work of an Israeli private-intelligence agency known as Black Cube, journalist Ronan Farrow described how he was surveilled during his investigation of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged crimes, which included numerous allegations of rape