On September 2, Russia’s state-run media quoted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying, following a meeting with counterpart Sergei Lavrov, that Iran had welcomed a Russian proposal to secure the Persian Gulf and that Russia and Iran planned to hold joint naval drills in the Indian Ocean
America’s longest war, soon approaching its 18th year in Afghanistan, is not over although it seems to be entering a new phase
Following a week where Israel launched attacks in three different countries across the Middle East, Lebanese Hezbollah responded by firing several anti-tank missiles at an Israeli military base and vehicles located near the border
Over the course of the years-long political debate about the UK’s future, UK leaders have taken politically contentious approaches to solidifying an exit from the EU - without or without a solidified post-EU transition plan
Throughout the eight-year long Syrian civil war, Israel has conducted strikes against Iranian assets operating inside the country