Over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of terrorist propaganda on the Internet aimed at recruiting potential recruits while striking fear in terrorists’ adversaries
Despite claims of responsibility by Houthi rebels in Yemen, U.S. officials assert that the September 14, 2019 strike on critical Saudi infrastructure in Khurais and Abqaiq was likely the work of Iran
Drones have become a trusted tool in the arsenal of non-state actors seeking to engage in asymmetric attacks against a more powerful adversary
Over the weekend, Houthi rebels in Yemen once again launched a drone attack against Saudi Arabia, with the most recent incident targeting the Saudi Aramco crude stabilization facility in Abqaiq and an oil field at Hijra Khurais
Conflict is no longer relegated strictly to the physical battlefield but extends through cyberspace and manifests in disinformation-fueled social media campaigns waged by trolls and virtual mercenaries