Book: Making Singapore Safe by Susan Sim
December 28, 2011

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Making Singapore Safe: Thirty Years Of The National Crime Prevention Council
By Susan Sim


This is the story of how the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) has quietly worked with grassroots organisations, industry and the government to transform an apathetic public into a proud movement of community activists. It explains how this bold experiment in harnessing the community complemented the Singapore Police’s “radical” move to neighbourhood policing, allowing a zero-tolerance approach to crime that is governed by public consensus, not fear. The NCPC story is also about how vulnerable groups – the old, the young, the guest worker – are being empowered to fight back against crime, whether it be molestation, snatch thefts, phone scams, robberies or cyber predation. It is the story of how the Council caused the ban on bar-top dancing to be lifted, and why every fifth-grader will soon be playing computer games in school…


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