Book: Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives co-authored by Thomas Neer
March 29, 2010

Criminal Poisoning

Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives
By Thomas Neer


“Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives,” by Thomas Neer, offers health care providers, investigators and attorneys a comprehensive look at the history, employment and ex post facto analysis of criminal poisoning. Drawing on the vast expertise of the authors—law enforcement agents and physicians with robust experience in the realm of criminal poisoning—this book covers the illegal use of poisons to harm people and the methods of detection available to investigators and prosecutors. Each chapter covers a specific toxin, from acids and herbals to drugs of abuse, and includes a case study that explains the diagnostic challenges associated with detecting and prosecuting a criminal poisoning. What’s more, the book delves into who may poison— including the psychological factors that motivate someone to kill—and who may be a likely victim.


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