Ali Soufan Quoted on CBS News: Trump’s Ambitious Agenda Abroad Threatened by Domestic Scandals
May 22, 2017

Trump’s Ambitious Agenda Abroad Threatened by Domestic Scandals

CBS News
By: Jacqueline Alemany & Kylie Atwood


President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip, which will take him to five countries in nine days, will unfold against the backdrop of a growing political scandal at home.

And while hopes of deals with the U.S. have world leaders hailing his arrival, foreign governments are unlikely to ignore growing concerns about Mr. Trump’s credibility and judgment.

Trump’s distinct efforts to reshape his message into one of tolerance to all religions — including Muslims — will be highlighted during his first stop in Saudi Arabia, where he will meet with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries … Mr. Trump will … need to walk a fine line as he tries to talk about terrorism while preaching religious tolerance.

“I think there is a problem in not admitting that there are significant factors — theological and religious factors  — that motivate groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, and we need to confront these kinds of things. But at the same time, there is a thin line you cannot cross and accuse 1.5 billion Muslims of all believing in the same things,” said Ali Soufan, the CEO of a strategic security intelligence group called The Soufan Group


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