Ali Soufan Quoted on Al Jazeera: Tortured Saudi Pleads for Transfer From Guantanamo
June 16, 2016

Tortured Saudi Pleads for Transfer From Guantanamo

Al Jazeera 
By: Jennifer Fenton 


A Saudi national accused of trying to take part in the September 11 attacks who has been repeatedly tortured gets a chance to plead his case in front of a Guantanamo parole-like board on Thursday.

The United States government has admitted that prisoner Mohammed al-Qahtani was tortured, including waterboarding, severe sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, violence and other sadistic interrogation methods carried out for weeks, which were detailed in a log about the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Currently not charged with a crime, Qahtani’s torture and time at Guantanamo is said to have “caused psychotic symptoms that included repeated hallucinations involving ghosts and a talking bird”…

Qahtani, who has been described as short and skinny, “wasn’t very intelligent” and did not have a “well-thought-out cover story” about his reason for being in Afghanistan, and about why he had arrived in Florida via a one-way ticket “with almost non-existent English”, according to an account by former FBI special agent Ali Soufan, who interrogated Qahtani and wrote about it in his book, The Black Banners


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