Ali Soufan Quoted in The Hill: FBI Investigator Warns: ‘We’re not Done with the Bin Ladens Yet’
May 15, 2017

FBI Investigator Warns: ‘We’re not Done with the Bin Ladens Yet’

The Hill
By: Cyra Master


Ali Soufan, the FBI’s lead al Qaeda investigator after 9/11, warns that a son of Osama bin Laden may be following in his father’s footsteps. “He was that kid exhibited leadership skills early on,” appearing in propaganda videos as a child, Soufan told CBS’s “60 Minutes” in a Sunday interview.

“In a way, he was a poster kid for al Qaeda. They featured him in so many of their propaganda. And for members of al Qaeda who were indoctrinated with these propaganda videos he means a lot to them …”

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