Ali Soufan Interviewed on Yahoo News: New Report by The Soufan Center Shows How Syria’s Refugee Crisis is Also a Security Nightmare
March 20, 2017

Syria’s Refugee Crisis is Also a Security Nightmare, Terrorism Experts Warn

Yahoo News
By: Michael Isikoff



As the number of Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war climbs well into the millions, there are new warnings from top U.S. counterterrorism experts that the exodus is posing a national security threat far more serious than any the United States and Europe have seen in decades.

“We are witnessing the largest human catastrophe in our lifetimes,” said Ali Soufan, a widely acclaimed former FBI counterterrorism agent and the author of a report being released today to mark the sixth anniversary of the Syrian civil war, entitled “Syria: The Humanitarian-Security Nexus.”

Soufan’s message: The failure of the West to address the conditions of refugees flooding into neighboring countries creates a situation like the one that gave rise to the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan 25 years ago — with consequences that could potentially be more disastrous…


For a full copy of The Soufan Center’s in-depth report, click here.


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