Ali Soufan Interviewed by Newsweek: New CIA Footage Shows Osama Bin Laden’s Son is New Face of Al-Qaeda
November 7, 2017

New CIA Footage Shows Osama Bin Laden’s Son is New Face of Al-Qaeda

Host: Cristina Maza


The face of an adult Hamza bin Laden, the favorite son of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Landen and Al-Qaeda’s rising star, was seen in new footage released Wednesday by the CIA.

Hamza has taken an active role in Al-Qaeda’s propaganda efforts in recent years but had remained hidden from public view. He bears a striking resemblance to his father. The videos released by the CIA show a young man groomed by the terrorist organization’s top leadership to take over his late father’s role as a mastermind of extremism and propaganda …

“After his dad’s death [in 2011], Hamza little by little began to release propaganda messages, and now they are calling him ‘Sheik,’ which is their term for leadership. It’s what they called his father,” Ali Soufan, CEO of The Soufan Group and author of a book about Hamza, told Newsweek.

Hamza was raised by Al-Qaeda’s top leadership while his father was in hiding. His mother, meanwhile, adamantly pushed him to learn the theology behind Al-Qaeda’s ideology. Bin Laden asked his advisers to monitor his son, and the feedback he got was excellent.

“Bin Laden was thinking more and more, ‘This kid can be something,’” Soufan explained.


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