Ali Soufan Cited in Review from Los Angeles Review of Books: Torture: On the Wrong Side of History
June 16, 2017

Torture: On the Wrong Side of History

Los Angeles Review of Books
By:  John Kiriakou


I ENCOUNTERED James Mitchell for the first time in early 2002 … Mitchell and his cohort, Bruce Jessen, were at the CIA, as most Americans now know, to create and implement a torture program — or, in Mitchell’s vernacular, an “enhanced interrogation program” …

By March 2002, I was the chief of CIA counterterrorism operations in Pakistan. My team had been searching for Abu Zubaydah for six weeks when we found him in an al-Qaeda safe house in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Abu Zubaydah attempted to escape as we broke down the door. As he jumped from the safe house’s roof to a neighboring roof, a Pakistani policeman shot him three times with an AK-47 — in the thigh, the groin, and the stomach. We evacuated him to a nearby Pakistani military hospital …

Abu Zubaydah’s wounds were so severe that it took months for him to recover enough to be interrogated. That interrogation, done in a secret prison in a location that remains classified, was initially done by FBI agent Ali Soufan, who, over the course of the following six weeks or so, established a rapport with Abu Zubaydah and got him to provide real intelligence on al-Qaeda’s construct ..


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