Ali Soufan Cited by CNN: America Will Have to Confront its Past on Torture
March 26, 2018

America Will Have to Confront its Past on Torture

By: Gayle Lemmon


When the next pick to head the CIA comes before the Senate and the nation for her confirmation hearings, it will not just be Gina Haspel — a three-decade veteran of the agency — in the witness seat. It will be the entire history of America’s effort in the post-9/11 intelligence-gathering arena …

In the wake of that fear and anger and recrimination and a desire to make certain another tragedy did not occur, America veered onto a path it had not previously tread. And it began what became known as “enhanced interrogation techniques” — what former FBI special agent ¬†Ali Soufan called “an Orwellian euphemism for a system of violence most Americans would recognize as torture.” Haspel oversaw a “black site” during this time.



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