Soufan Group


The Soufan Group has experience and skill in both government and industry worldwide. They have earned a reputation for reliability, insight, and knowing exactly what the client needs to make informed judgments on sensitive matters in sensitive parts of the world. They are also absolutely loyal to the client, ensuring accessibility and confidentiality at all times. In short, The Soufan Group is a great team to have on your side.
Chase Untermeyer
Former US Ambassador To Qatar

The Soufan Group occupies a unique role in the global security conversation. A go-to resource for academics, thought-leaders and policy makers, TSG’s team, represented across the globe, is as familiar with the policy challenges that face government officials and law enforcement as with the need for up-to-date threat assessment and analysis. Promoting public education, contributing to policy discussions, and broadening the consensus on constructive approaches to counter-violence and counterterrorism, TSG has rapidly become an essential voice in the global conversation on security.”
Director, Center on National Security, Fordham Law School

Security, and particularly cyber security, has become one of our most serious global economic challenges, and one that affects our lives every day. The Soufan team has unrivaled expertise in this field. They have served at the highest levels of government, and led some of the most significant and challenging foreign and domestic investigations in recent history. In a world where security in both the physical and digital world is of key concern to companies, governments, and global organizations, 32 Advisors is pleased to have a strategic affiliate such as The Soufan Group that brings this level of expertise to our clients.”
CEO, 32 Advisors, and former CEO, UBS Americas

The Soufan Group is a world-class strategic security consultancy that provides great value and excellent service for businesses. They understand both the security threats major companies face, from criminals to cyber threats, as well as the demands of the fast-paced and constantly changing nature of business today. Their training is excellent, as is their foresight – allowing their clients to stay prepared and one-step ahead of threats.”
CEO of Qatar Airways